Welcome to the Centre de Pilates de Montreux

The original Pilates method

Certified Romana’s Pilates New-York

The true Pilates

Private lessons starting
at CHF 85.-

Pilates is a global method based on 6 principals

These principals are : centering, concentration,  control, breathing, precision and flow.

Learn, practice and perfect Pilates with :
Your Romana’s Pilates certified teacher
Painless training open to all
Romana’s Pilates method with Machines

The Centre de Pilates de Montreux shares its space with the Centre de Danse de Montreux

Why ?
Danse uses the human body to perfect a technique whereas Pilates puts its Method to the benefit of the human being.
A lot of dancers use Pilates to “repair” their bodies or to enhance their technical performances

The Centre de Pilates de Montreux is on www.trouver-un-cours.ch. More info