The benefits of Pilates as a global method



For Whom

Pilates is a method open to all. It improves the body’s flexibility, reinforces the muscles, enhances endurance and develops one’s well-being by evacuating stress. Thanks to the thousands of exercises possible, we use our machines to set up a custom-fitted program for every student. This “custom-made” method and follow up allows us to adapt each class according to the needs and capacities of each student. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete.

1 – The development of the whole body’s flexibility

Pilates is very effective when it comes to improving back issues because it enhances the backbones’ flexibility.

It enables not only to work on forward stretches such as stretching the hamstrings but also on backward stretches as well: with exercises like the “cambré”.

2 – Muscular reinforcement

Pilates is well known for its ability to work on the deep core muscles: strengthening of the abdominal belt (abs, gluteal muscles, lumbar belt).

Regular training improves the back muscles which gives a better posture and therefore relieves certain pains.

3 – A painless training

Pilates specificity is the fact that it does not cause body trauma. It is based on the link between respiration and smartly drawn movements, well carried-out with fluidity and precision (movement fluidity prevents micro-trauma).

It is the wholeness of the method (machines combined with floor work) that brings us to results such as the one’s described above.

Convinced of the benefits of Pilates? Now you need the right training!

Our method is based on the use of devices specific and unique to the discipline of Pilates